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NodeJS vs React — overview

If you’re wondering if you should learn React or Node.js, there is no easy answer. Both are powerful frameworks with large communities, rich documentation, and huge standing IT communities upon which to build applications. Regardless of which framework you choose, one thing is certain: When it comes to developing front-end web applications, there is no shortage of great resources available today. Each technology is great in its own way. But when you are choosing a technology for your project, keep … Continue reading «NodeJS vs React — overview»

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How to run a Python script

A beginner Python developer, in addition to the syntax and basic rules for using this language, should be able to run code for execution. After all, this is the only way to understand whether the written script is working. Let’s take a closer look at how you can run scripts in the terminal of the operating system of an integrated development environment or simply from the OS interface. This will allow you to select the appropriate option and increase your … Continue reading «How to run a Python script»

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How To Get More Business Clients For Web Development Company

Every single company offers such web development and web designing services. But we can definitely offer you some tips of getting new clients, and it would surely help you to get new business from the competitive market. Tutorials on how do you structure your product?  How will make sure that customer has a friendly interaction with them so when they press «accept» button for payment online or phone call website in their browser tab open source software installation procedure is … Continue reading «How To Get More Business Clients For Web Development Company»

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Software tester: everything about the profession

Software testing is a relatively new area in digital, whose specialists are involved in testing and checking software for possible errors and compliance with requirements. The threshold for entering testing is one of the lowest, since it requires from the future tester only minimal knowledge of theory, attentiveness and adequacy. Who is a software tester A software tester is a person who tests software for defects. The detected errors are subsequently corrected, but already by another specialist. After testing, the … Continue reading «Software tester: everything about the profession»

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IT and Digital: Top Freelance Professions in 2021

In 2021, remote work and free employment will still be more relevant than ever. 2020 has shown how convenient this format of work is, and it is unlikely to ever go out of style. It is better to search for a source of income in areas with the greatest demand: now it is a digital technology niche. In the article, we talked about the features of making money in IT and Digital and collected our top freelance professions for 2021. … Continue reading «IT and Digital: Top Freelance Professions in 2021»