IT and Digital: Top Freelance Professions in 2021

In 2021, remote work and free employment will still be more relevant than ever. 2020 has shown how convenient this format of work is, and it is unlikely to ever go out of style. It is better to search for a source of income in areas with the greatest demand: now it is a digital technology niche.

In the article, we talked about the features of making money in IT and Digital and collected our top freelance professions for 2021.

Programming hides several areas in demand on the market:

  • Web development;
  • mobile applications;
  • Information Security.

Web developers are building website 

Now almost every company has a website — everyone is rapidly integrating their business into the Internet — so the performers are waiting with open arms.

Tellingly, there are not so many really good specialists who can write an adaptive and user-friendly website: a developer with a good portfolio has every chance to withstand the competition and get clients who are ready to pay decently for his services.

System Administrator

Sysadmins manage the entire IT niche of the company. These people make sure that the software and hardware work properly, the network is protected from cyberattacks, and employees do not face problems using corporate computers.

The sysadmin can work together with programmers and have a small staff subordinate, but sometimes he performs all the tasks on his own.

Software tester

Testers are definitely among our top freelance jobs for 2021.

Specialists in this area:

study the best practices of programmers for errors in the code;

select development tools;

provide programmers with recommendations for improving the project.

The advantage of a niche is that it is much easier to master than any other area of ​​programming. At the same time, salaries are not lower than those of developers, and sometimes even higher.

Web design

Web design was included in the top 10 freelance professions back in 2019, consolidated its position in 2020 and will stay with us in 2021. Those who have mastered this specialty are engaged in the design of online platforms, create beautiful and functional interfaces.

UX design

User Experience — everything related to the interaction of a user and a computer. Designers are working to maximize the usability of the product and make it comfortable for users to use.

A UX designer not only satisfies his creative impulses, but also deals with analytics. Its tasks include studying user behavior and drawing up a portrait of the target audience.

Motion design and 3D

Motion design and 3D have not yet made it to the top, but these areas are rapidly gaining in popularity. Having mastered them now, by the time of maximum demand, you can go far ahead and take a leading position among competitors.

Already, you can see animated ads from major brands. Adidas and Reebok have such videos — bright and eye-catching.

Motion design is also used on web platforms as an interface element. Good animations have not yet become ubiquitous, but they are the most memorable feature of the resource.


An internet marketer promotes a company online. For this, tools are used:

  • contextual advertising;
  • targeted advertising;
  • special projects and integrations for bloggers;
  • content promotion and so on.
  • An internet marketer helps businesses:
  • increase brand awareness;
  • drive traffic to the site;
  • increase sales.

Internet marketing is one of the top remote freelance jobs, as today almost every company has a website. In many niches, the level of competition is so high that one cannot do without strong marketing: it is important not only to attract, but also to keep the attention of the client — and this requires complex work.


An SMM specialist is engaged in brand promotion on social networks:

  • Twitter;
  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • VKontakte and others.

The tasks of an SMM specialist include:

  • preparation of a content plan, writing posts for an account;
  • setting up and tracking targeted advertising;
  • maintaining an advertising budget and distributing funds;
  • collection of analytics by account

Brand management

A brand manager creates a brand in the literal sense of the word: forms a reputation, comes up with its concept and brings it to the market. Success depends on the positioning of the company.

The specialist approaches the solution of problems in an integrated manner. It covers advertising, social media promotion and even website design: all factors that can affect the perception of a potential client. And the decision to purchase a product or service depends on perception.